Techniques with Kick/Punch

On the last day training with Claude, he showed us how to perform techniques with kick and punch attacks. We warmed up with a pair shomen attack/defense exercise. Then we start with katate dori Irimi Nage. He focused on the way Uchi entered to Uke’s blind spot – leave the grabbed hand unmoved, just enter the body and then use the un-grabbed hand to release the grabbed hand. And again, Uke needs to move his head to keep looking into Uchi’s eyes then Uchi performs Irimi Nage. The same principles will be used for kick and punch attacks: Hand movement, Body movement, Keeping eye contact. But to defense with a real attack, Timing is another important factor that needs to be trained.

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August 22

Today I took a day off to be recovered from the seminars. I did some stretching exercises at 6:50AM instead and felt much better. These are the movements that I’m learning and I found out it’s perfect to start a day with these stretching.

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Claude Depannage sensei visit

Claude Sensei from France visited us on Sat Aug 5th. He is 55 years old, has been training Aikido for since twenty years old and hold the 3rd dan 10 years ago. He trained with Christian Tissier sensei for 10 years, until he got the 2nd dan. He told me he and the other 2 senseis are the first group of blackbelt under Christian sensei, now the other 2 guys are 6th dan and he is too lazy to take exam.

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Bruce Robertson Sensei Visit

We had 3 training sessions with Sensei Bruce this summer (12 – 15 Aug). This year he taught us on Aikido fluidity (“dancing” with my wife), self defense, and safely control techniques. We’re happy to see he’s still very strong, flexible and training/teaching hard at the age 64 (he was born 1953). He was training for Manila Drug rehab security teams on the safely control techniques, which are very effective to take the drug users to the rehab centers. He also stressed on keeping center, elbows closed to body and circle movement when performing techniques. Read more…

Haruo Matsuoka

Full techniques.

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Basic Aikido-Stance and Movements


ELEMENTS OF HANMI no KAMAE ( Half Body Stance)

  • An oblique, triangular stance with one foot forward and the other to the rear, body facing about 45⁰.
  • Frontal area is reduced and vital spots are turned away from the opponent.
  • Knees are slightly flexed, especially the front knee.
  • Balance is maintained and centered on the lower abdomen (the tanden, or “one point”).
  • Mobility is maintained in all directions, ready to perform any of the basic footwork patterns.

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International Seminar in Saigon

It’s the first time I attend an International Seminar in Saigon. This time, the Hombu instructor, Shihan Yoshinobu Irie visited. I met one guy from Holland, who came to Vietnam for the seminar. He said that he followed the world tour calendar in Hombu website and scheduled his trips to attend the interested one around the world. He’s still single. This is also an interesting way to learn Aikido. I also met many people from Singapore, Indonesia, who admired Shihan Irie teaching and followed him for seminars.

We’ve trained really hard, I was almost exhausted after each session. We’ve learnt from basic movement to advanced techniques like shomen/yokomen uchi. Irie sensei was very friendly, fast, his techniques were very smooth. He also trained tenkan with me and reminded me to keep hand closed to hips.

After workout, we visited the walking street in front of the City People Committee building.

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